Mushroom Festival

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Mushroom Festival

Mushroom Festival

Our gastronomy is delighted to the rhythm of the seasons. Throughout the year, the market of Calella is full of seasonal products and when autumn comes, it’s time for legumes, nuts, quinces and pomegranates. And, of course, it's mushroom time.

Leaving behind the summer heat and with the first rains, the Catalans are ready to welcome the wild mushroom season. It’s important to know that the mushroom tradition has millenary roots in in the oldest Catalan traditions. Picking mushrooms out in the forest has become as very typical autumn activity for families and friends. This leading role is well worth a great celebration.

Across Catalonia there are many gastronomic fairs, markets and contest around this product and in Calella we dedicate a special day, the traditional Mushroom Festival. It’s a meeting that combines a great festive atmosphere with the tasting of the best local flavours such as butifarra with “mongeta del ganxet” (beans from the Maresme area), mushrooms sautéed with garlic and parsley and pa amb tomàquet (bread with tomato). During the feast you have the chance to discover how to cook the different varieties of wild mushrooms and taste our most traditional dishes. The long tables invite you to enjoy the popular meal with friends, neighbours, and visitors. It's time to share laughs and take part in the most emblematic autumn festival. Will you miss it?


  • Parade of the Giants and Grallers of Calella.
  • 13.30, popular meal.


  • Date: 13/10/2024
  • Place: Espanya Square
  • Hour: 13:30 

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