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As Calellenses we have a reputation for being hospitable to visitors. So much so that many Germans who have come to visit have decided to settle. Seduced by our lifestyle, they have gradually become parents, friends and neighbours of Calella. This small colony, which has grown with new arrivals and generations, has given us a tradition that has been very successfully integrated into our calendar.

The Oktoberfest is the most popular party in Germany. But when we think about it, it is not so different from our own ways. A long table full of people eating and drinking, talking and sharing stories with smiles and musicians playing. It could well be the definition of an August open-air celebration or a public calçotada. For three weeks in October we had more than 3,000 musicians and 50,000 people visiting. It's a party where beer, bands, Bavarian cuisine and dance remind us of how easy it is to share moments of happiness.


From 11th till 20th October 2024  (programm still to be confirmed)

Useful information

  • Dates: October 2024 (dates and program still to be confirmed)
  • Location: Promenade Manuel Puigvert
  • Opening hours: Evening-night
  • Prices: Free

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