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Dalmau Park

A natural place linked to city

The constitutional town hall was presided by Mr. Jaume Dalmau i Llibre, who had a great vision towards the future and acquired the estate in 1929, the houses, garden and the forest of pines called "Can Pelayo" for the purpose of turning it into a municipal park, under direction of the municipal architect Jerome D. Martorell Terrats. In short, a splendid setting of more than 10 hectares of easy trails, thanks to the well-indicated paths and trails.

The works conducted throughout the period of 1943-1948 by the City Council which was chaired by Mr. Manuel Alabern i Romani, allowed to play with the natural slopes of the terrain and the ancient forest Grove, designing geometric areas of gardens, avenues, arcades and charming places.

A natural and cultural meeting place

Since its construction, the Park Dalmau has received all type of cultural and popular demonstrations. The first Sunday of June, the celebration of the Sardanas Gathering (Sardana is the most representative Catalan folk dance) known as the Manor Aplec of Catalonia takes place in the space known as the courtyard of the bear. People stand in a circle hand in hand, where visitors rate the sardana dances with a score. It is considered Catalonia´s national dance and is deeply rooted in the calellenses.

The botanical route

The Dalmau park has two types of vegetation: In the lower part, situated in the garden you will find an abundance of bananas, with dense deciduous foliage that casts a shade and cools the summer; the highest part is dominated by a strictly Mediterranean pine forest with pines, oaks and thickets. You can get to the botanical route by following a trail that passes the fountain of lions, in the central section of the park, which is considered a more natural example of vegetation. There is also the growth of a mediterranean holm oak forest with rhamnnus alaternus, oaks, strawberry trees and honeysuckle and it smells of rosemary. You will also witness the singing of the blue tits. There are places to rest, for leisure and to enjoy nature.

Cool afternoons

Today the Dalmau park has developed into a place of grim groves, a place of idyllic corners, with multicolored flowers, made on purpose for lovers who enjoy to stroll. It is the place where you can come to enjoy Calella´s beaches in perfect harmony. The way the park is built invites you to spend time sitting on a bench, under the coolness of the trees or listening to the whisper of a spring. The movement of branches or a girl playing an instrument will make for an enjoyable time. Especially during summer afternoons you can go on really nice walks between pines and visit spots with beautifully envisioned sculptures while stopping at a fountain to quench your thirst.

An ideal space to enjoy the summer evenings with the family

The Dalmau park is an open air leisure area and the ideal place to be visited by families, with facilities such as playgrounds for the little ones, with typical modernly designed swings and slides, while there are newer games that invite you to be adventurous at the bear´s playground and make the imagination go wild.



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  • Name: Dalmau Park
  • Address: The main entrance is located next to the Tourism Office (Sant Jaume, 231)

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