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leisure activities

XIX Image Festival "Festimatge"

13 Apr
  • Date: From April 13 to May 12, 2024
  • Place: Different places around Calella
  • Opening hours: Check programme
  • Prices: Free
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In Calella many photos are taken. Sunsets, beach scenes, popular traditions or sporting events. We have many reasons to take out our cameras and immortalize what happens around us. It may be why in 2005 we started to celebrate this visual richness.

The “Festimatge” is the Image Festival of Calella, an event that brings together two contests with history: the International Meeting of 9.5 mm Cinema and the Torretes trophy for Photography and Short Films. Throughout the month of April we enjoy exhibitions, workshops, screenings, talks and a collector´s market. A festival of negatives, filled with smiles.

Check the Festimatge Program