Local festival of Sant Quirze and Santa Julita

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Local festival of Sant Quirze and Santa Julita

As the weather warms up and summer is on the way, the Mediterranean spirit invades all corners of the city and the soul of the locals. The streets and squares are filled with music, dancing, giants and correfocs to celebrate one of the most popular and participative events in Calella... Here comes the main festivities in honour of Saint Quirze and Saint Julita!

The most important day is June 16, Santa Julita’s Day, and the night before each neighborhood kicks off the festival with the outdoor popular dinners. This celebration of coexistence and folklore adorns the streets with lights and colors and the atmosphere of good conversations between locals, guests and visitors. Next to the sea on the Manuel Puigvert promenade or under the balconies of Bruguera street, any place is perfect for enjoying an outside meeting, with long tables full of pa amb tomàquet (bread with tomato), tortillas, cheeses and sausages.

Everyone is welcome and, as good hosts, we bring the best homemade desserts made just for special occasions. At coffee time, we could listen to the first chords of the music sound that will make us dance until dawn.

Throughout the week, the city is full of concerts, exhibitions and parades. Young and old we go out to proudly honour the patrons of the city and to enjoy our cultural traditions.

The giants of the city parade with elegant and dance to the beat of their accompanying music, with the sound of grallas and drums. And when night comes, the magic of fire dazzles us with fantastic characters that only come out for local festivities. You will find them in the popular bestiary parade, setting fire everywhere! You will enjoy with them the excitement of light and dance and for sure ... fun is guaranteed!


  • Neighbours supper in the street
  • Hot Chocolate party
  • Circus Festival
  • Concerts and dances of the Main Festival
  • Giants Parade
  • Parade of the 13th Bestiary Fair


  • Dates: From 15 to 18 June, 2023
  • Place: Different places
  • Hours: Check programme
  • Prices: Check programme

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