International Folk Festival

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International Folk Festival

Dance and music go hand in hand to express the identity of a people. Their cultural legacy is transmitted over the years through popular dances and the accompanying melodies, which are the most vivid example of a country. From South Africa to Western Asia, passing through Europe and South America, all peoples show their identity through their traditional dances, and each year they have a meeting point in Calella with the International Festival of Folklore.

A vibrant city, open to the sea and to the cultures, cosmopolitan and welcoming, in Calella we like to fill the squares and the streets of rhythms and customs of the whole world. Every June we welcome bands and folk groups that make us enjoy for fifteen days their music, their joy and their songs and popular dances.

In front of the town hall or in the Church square, the dancers wear their colorful costumes while they play melodies that make everyone present dance. Each performance takes us to a different region of the world and brings us closer to the enormous folkloric tradition of the country that visits us. Come and enjoy the festival!


From June 15 to July 1, the groups will perform in the Town Hall Square and from June 22 to July 4, also in the Church Square.


  • Dates: From June 18 to July 3, 2024
  • Place: Pl. Església / Pl Ajuntament
  • Hours: Check the programme
  • Price: Free


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