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Cultural Cycle "Escena Calella"

Cultural Cycle "Escena Calella"

In Calella, we never stand still! The people of Calella strongly identify with this expression because if there's one thing that defines our city's DNA, it's its vitality and dynamism, the drive and enthusiasm for doing things. Calella is a very active city, and there's not a week that goes by without one activity or another, not just during the summer months! The range of cultural, sports, civic, and charitable activities extends throughout the year, with a packed agenda of events for all ages that make our city a unique and special place.

With this creative and dynamic spirit, the cultural series Escena Calella was born, a program that fills us with theater, music, and humor from fall to spring, featuring a different show every week. There's something for everyone, from musicals, comedies, humorous monologues to dance, concerts, and children's shows. These are special moments to experience together and also allow us to enjoy some of the most iconic and welcoming spaces in Calella, such as the Mozart Hall or the "Orfeó Calellenc" theater, located in the heart of the city.

The start of the cultural season opens an autumn filled with stage events and proposals that extend well into spring. Every weekend, we leave boredom behind and immerse ourselves in the magic of the stage to laugh, cry, and live life as Calella residents like it... experiencing emotions!





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  • Location: Sala Mozart, Teatro Orfeó Calellenc, Fábrica Llobet Guri
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