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Cafè Jazz in Calella

25th Café Jazz in Calella

When the winter comes and the nights are longer, we rediscover those things that people in Calella like so much in the days of cold, as the warmth of friends and family, meetings and conversations in the city’s bars and venues. These moments invite us to discover the pleasure of spending a pleasant time with good company, around a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, a pause that warms the body and comforts the spirit. It's time for the Café Jazz in Calella, the annual live jazz festival that spreads us with good vibrations and fills the winter nights getting longer to the rhythm of music full of feeling, energy and emotion.

Year after year, the Café Jazz Calella is becoming one of the most anticipated musical events of the city. Every Friday in February and March we can enjoy jazz sessions in small venues such as the Sala Mozart Bar, the Sublim, the Bahari ClubLa Gabia Bar on the seafront and the Surf&Turf. Nights of coffee and good music with first level artists and emerging talents that make us beat to the most mestizo and universal sound.

The Café Jazz invites us to meet with friends, neighbours and visitors from everywhere to discover the best live jazz together and, by the way, take a break in the week. In this calm and relaxed atmosphere we get away from stress and time pressures, with the lights dimmed and the conversations fading out with the first chords of the concert that invite us to let go and enjoy the moment.


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