August open-air celebration

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August open-air celebration

We live infused with the seduction of the Mediterranean that shapes our spirit. In August, at dawn, the water and breeze fill the air of the streets. It´s influence is now accentuated and during the night it lets us enjoy a kind of warm freshness. There is this wonderful atmosphere of a summer dream, preceded by long sunsets and more than usual street life that paints the city with contrasts.

As good heirs of the Greek and Roman lifestyle, we like to live in society, share time, abstract thinking and the pleasures of life: wine, sea, sun and food and during the open-air celebration of August we enjoy it all at once. It is a night to share, where we have dinner in the streets at long tables with neighbours and guests. The usual nightlife is concentrated in the centre and you can hear music everywhere. Traditionally, the youngest ones consider this the perfect time to declare their love and it is not rare to occasionally spy and smile when witnessing the first kisses invading the beach. Year after year, this night is a source of unforgettable memories.

You are more than welcome!


  • Date: Saturday, August 14, 2024
  • Place: Catalonia Square
  • Hour: 21.00 h
  • Price: Free

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