Local Festival of La Minerva

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Local Festival of La Minerva

September is a month of contrasts. As we leave behind the long summer days, we welcome the new season enjoying the first autumn lights. The routine comes back, but we don’t like staying at home. It is time to get outdoors and attend the many events happening in the city. September is full of festivities in Calella!

From concerts to traditional events, the city lives an intense month of activities so you can choose what interests you most. And when it arrives on September 23rd, it's a big party in the city. The Local Festival of La Minerva begins! Days of culture, folklore and tradition for the whole family.

At Lluís Gallart Square, you can see the dance of the giants of the city, Quirze and Minerva. They are always accompanied by the Mastegamosques, the big head of Calella that opens the way to the parades. The sound of traditional instruments captivates young and old, all fascinated with its elegance dance. And at dusk, the festival of light, gunpowder and colour begins with the celebration of the “correfoc”. You will see dragons and devils jumping among the sparks and dancing between bangers and firecrackers… Get ready to enjoy one of the most magical traditional celebrations of the Catalan people.

In the tent on the beach, the nights swarm with partying and fun with the music of the best alternative groups on the scene. Finally, Calellenses and visitors share the last moments under the light of a fireworks show on the beach Garbí. Our local festival is bid farewell until next year!


  • Festa Major proclamation
  • Castellers
  • Dancing of Giants and Grallers of Calella
  • In the beach marquee Exhibition of home cooking 
  • Sardanas
  • The "Correfoc" of the Udols de Foc and Diables of Calella
  • Fireworks


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