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leisure activities

Calella Summer Nights

28 June
  • Date: From June to September 2024
  • Place: Different places around Calella
  • Opening hours: available soon
  • Prices: available soon
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The warm days invite you to enjoy the nights, when the sun goes down and the Mediterranean breeze cools the streets. This is when the smell and sound of the sea invades the city. In Calella we are very sensitive to this feeling and love enjoying together. We fill the terraces and the promenade seems like a parade. In summer, when the holidays allow us to stay up till late and be lazy in the morning is when music and shows conquer the city.

The festival Nits d’Estiu Calella (Calella Summer Nights festival) (NEC) can be enjoyed in different areas of the city, with concerts, performances and shows. It is a double opportunity, both to enjoy displays of quality and visit different areas of the city at night such as: the lighthouse, the Dalmau Park or the courtyard of the library. This year's proposal is completed with a wine and tapas tasting, enjoying music and gastronomy in the same space. People from Calella mingle with visitors to welcome artists who always want to extend their stay. The face of a child discovering the cinema in the moonlight of Playa Grande is the perfect summary of those moments.

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