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Moments of Flowers

25 May
  • Date: 25, 26 May 2024
  • Place: Different places around Calella
  • Opening hours: Check programme
  • Prices: Free
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Calella is a City of flowers. We love taking care of plants and show off the streets. Coloured balconies, painted with flowers and a Mediterranean forest of pines and oaks invites leisure within the Dalmau Park. This hobby that neighbours and institutions share, steals the show during a weekend, at a party full of colours that make up the colours of spring.

Moments de Flors (Moments of flowers) is a direct spinoff of the roses exhibition contest of Catalonia. For two days in May, the Pia School, Can Saula, the library, lighthouse and plenty of yards and gardens throughout the city wake up to find themselves adorned with floral ornaments, these are unique spaces, both public and private, that open the door to visitors to have the best opportunity to discover the living heritage of the city. Prepare your trip!