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leisure activities

“Carpe Birrem”: Craft Beer Festival

19 Apr
  • Date: From April 19 to 21, 2019
  • Place: Promenade Manuel Puigvert
  • Opening hours: Check program
  • Prices: free
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The beach and beer have one thing in common. The white foam. A good rod should have two fingers and our beaches are kilometres long. People also always smile for one reason or another. In Calella we believe that those smiles are worth a celebration.

“Carpe Birrem” is a gastro-cultural festival of craft beer. Craft beer holds an ancient recipe which has lately been making its comeback, with gourmets around the world acclaiming it as a quality drink. We surely know something about beer and are proud to be part of this comeback. During the festival, local producers offer their products on the Paseo Manuel Puigvert, just in front of the sea, where there is room for the big and the small. The event features a children's area, concerts, food trucks, accompaniment and exhibitions. A sample of local shops that respects traditional procedures, which characterizes good food.
Discover your favourite beer at Carpe Birrem