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Carnival Alt Maresme

17 Feb
  • Date:
  • Place: Fàbrica Llobet-Guri
  • Opening hours: https://www.carnavalaltmaresme.com/
  • Prices: free
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February is not a month to stay at home. In Calella you can enjoy more than 300 days of sunshine a year pushing us to actively live on the street. This abundance, with a touch of the Mediterranean breeze fills us with vitality. Energy and colour take shape during the annual Carnival: the Carnaval of Alt Maresme.

It is the most vibrant and colourful celebration of the Calella winter. A contest of originality where troupes and carriages bring their joy to the big and small, locals or visitors. During the party, feathers and glitter go through the streets. The exuberance forms a parade and music is heard everywhere. It is a burst of light that reminds us each year of the spring that never leaves us. Start thinking about your costume.