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Calella Film Festival

02 Nov
  • Date: From 2nd till 9th of November 2024
  • Place: Different places
  • Opening hours: Check program
  • Prices: www.calellafilmfestival.com
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When the autumn comes, our city becomes a stage of emerging talent and creative activity. During a whole week the magic of the seventh art is exhibited in all its glory with the Calella Film Festival, one of the essential cultural events of the city that brings us the best quality cinema from all over the world.

The festival offers a unique opportunity for locals and visitors to discover the creativity and effort of new directors with few resources that make it possible to enjoy fantastic stories, where originality and passion for cinema overcome the economic restrictions.

The Calella Film Festival is a celebration of enthusiasm and hope that the audiovisual world inspires us, an interest with a long background in our city, which every year hosts a whole series of activities around photography and cinema with events such as Festimatge, the Gaudí Cycle or the Cineclub sessions. This passion has even gone beyond the screen, when Calella became a movie set for a few days during the shooting of the biographical film 100 meters.

During the festival week, young and old can also take part in workshops, courses and events around the cinematographic creation, ideal for all those who want to awaken their most artistic talent. To make the most of the event, we can enjoy from the latest films to all time classics showed in different places of the city as the Sala Mozart or the “Playa grande” beach. Who can resist a night under the stars with a classic movie and the smell of popcorn? It’s an unforgettable experience!