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leisure activities

Sardana gathering

31 May
  • Date: May 31, June 1 and 2, 2024
  • Place: Paseo Manuel Puigvert and Dalmau Park
  • Opening hours: Check programme
  • Prices: Friday and Saturday (Pg.M.Puigvert) Free - Sumday (Dalmau Park) 7€
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Long before the arrival of Screamin' festival the Calellenses already caused quite a stir. We have always left the house when hearing flutes or tambourines, when hearing the murmuring on the street or the children running. We like to share our time with others. No wonder then, that a popular dance is one of our favourite ways of entertainment. Check programme www.calellasardanista.cat  

The Sardana (the most representative Catalan folk dance) is a symbol of Catalan culture. A tradition that is like a mirror of Calella society: We are vivacious, charlatans, singers and dancers; we are open and close to others, very happy and fun to be around with. The Aplec de la Sardana (from the Catalan word gather is a great tribute to this dance). While we danced on many occasions. The Aplec has been since 1926, a party dedicated exclusively to this. It has moved to Saturday afternoon so that visitors can spend the night in Calella. Sardana dancers from all over Catalonia come to dance to the rhythms of the coplas (Musical groups native to Catalonia that play sardana music and where other traditional dances prevail). The Sardanista Association of Calella is responsible for its organization and all people are very involved throughout its course. Rehearse the first steps!