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Sea swimming lanes "Vies Braves"

Discover Calella from the sea

Swimming in the sea is a wonderful and unique experience. It’s one of the most pleasant sensations that give us a state of peace and well-being, a feeling of calmness that takes us away from the daily stress. As a nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, the calellenses enjoy diving into the water and going to the beach well into the autumn, where waves give us a great sense of freedom.

One way to experience the great contact with the sea is swimming in open water, an activity that is increasingly popular in our country, affording the seaside’s discovery from a new perspective. Here in Calella, you will find the perfect place for swimming and snorkelling safely, exploring the coast by a nautical lane equipped with signs and buoys. This marked route is one of the Vies Braves tracks, a pioneer initiative in the world which allows us to live the emotion of enjoying the shoreline from the sea.

As we move forward with each stroke, we discover the privileged natural environment, with small coves and cliffs surrounded by vegetation and topped with the Lighthouse of Calella, with its unmistakable white silhouette overlooking the sea. Along its route, the Via Brava shows us an extraordinary coastline with many corners of immense natural beauty, beaches of clean and transparent water located where just the Montnegre Hill touches the Mediterranean Sea.

Best of all, the Vies Braves not only allows us to enjoy this unique landscape, but also it’s perfect for exploring the rich flora and fauna of the seabed. For experienced swimmers as well as for those are new to open water swim, there are many activities and organised trips for groups of friends during the summer, and thus discover together, calellenses and visitors, the immense biological diversity of this area. An excellent combination of sport and nature!


  • Length: 1 km
  • Maximum width: 200 m beach - 50 m rocks
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Estimated Swim Time: 15-25 min.


  • Dates: May to October
  • Place: From Beach Garbí to Cala Roca Grossa
  • Price: check the website
  • Contact:

Via Brava Calella

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