Flower Carpets for Corpus

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Flower Carpets for Corpus

Traditions and popular culture fill our calendar of celebrations. Lovers of local festivities and customs, we the calellenses are eagerly awaiting the Carnival, Sant Jordi’s Day, the Sardana gathering and the local festival of Sant Quirze and Santa Julita. And every festivity, every meeting, we like to participate actively. This vitality is expressed especially during the celebration of the Corpus Christi carpets festival, when neighbours and entities go out the street to decorate the city with the traditional floral carpets.

The flower carpets are called 'catifes de flors' in Catalan. Every year, the Corpus festival fills the streets of Calella with colours and perfumes, a tradition that even remains in many Catalan towns. It is said that its origin is in the decorations with herbs and flowers that were formerly made in Roman homes, when spring came.

Early in the morning of the festival day all the city starts making the flower carpets that entities, associations and neighbours have prepared weeks before. The designs are very varied, with different figures and drawings that are adorned with fresh petals, seeds and floral elements of all colours. An explosion of fragrance and imagination that is really beautiful to look at. Lots of visitors and many people from all over come to admire these spectacular creations made by neighbours, relatives and volunteers of all ages.

At dusk the giants and ‘cabezudos’ of Calella play the major role in ending the day with the traditional parades, passing over the flower creations and destroying all the carpets. This custom fills with pride and joys the streets of our city, captivating and moving audiences of all ages. You are all invited for Corpus!


  • Starting at 7:30 pm, beginning of the Giganters and Grallers of Calella parade to destroy the carpets.
  • Route from Jovara Street to Church Street, and celebration of the party's ending in front of the Sala Mozart.


  • Date: June, 2020
  • Place: Different places around the city
  • Hours: All day
  • Prices: Free

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