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Более 30 лет успешной работы в сфере семейного отдыха и развлечений!

In Pequelandia you will find the best environment to spend an afternoon full of good memories, with a family atmosphere where adults and children will enjoy leisure time, full of activities and smiles. There are activities from 6 months to 100 years! All in 1,000 m2 facilities that will make your stay a memorable experience!
We have three "obstacle course" areas, with ball pools, slides, bridges, zip lines, roller ramp, structures of different heights, etc; a large outdoor inflatable area with the mythical Calella whale; elastic beds; the inflatable Pot that rotates and oscillates; billiards; table football; pimballs; air tables; variety of gaming machines with prize tickets; grabber machines; many and varied children's vehicles; etc
You can also have a snack with something to eat on our terrace.
As always in Pequelandia we offer very good prices for groups (birthday parties, sports parties, leisure parties, agencies or all kinds of events).


  • Лето: без выходных, с понедельника по воскресенье с 16.00 до 24.00
  • Зима: суббота, воскресенье и праздники с 16.00 до 21.00. В будние дни также возможна организация праздников (по предварительной записи).

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  • Имя: Pequelandia
  • Адрес: Сан-Жауме (N-II), 129 / Риера Capaspre.
  • Телефон: 609 48 00 07

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