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leisure activities

Open-air cinema

14 Jul
  • Date: 2022: July14th and 28th - August 4th, 11th, 18th and 24th
  • Place: Manuel Puigvert promenade and Gran beach
  • Opening hours: 22.00 h
  • Prices: free
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Cinema and summer make a perfect tandem. And when the heat comes, this tandem gives us one of our favourite plans for summer nights, the open-air cinema. The Manuel Puigvert promenade and the Playa Grande become outdoor cinemas, with a varied selection of films for all ages.

Every Thursday, under the starry sky, young and old we can enjoy the magic of cinema with totally free screenings. This year the cycle starts from July 23 to September 3, having all the necessary safety and hygiene measures. On Thursday nights, this summer we have a date with the best outdoor cinema in Calella. Is there a more authentic plan?

Take note of the schedule!