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leisure activities

Boutiques on the street are in fashion

23 Oct
  • Date: Saturday, October 23, 2021
  • Place: Different places around Calella
  • Opening hours: From 10.00 h
  • Prices: Free
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In Calella people are always shopping. We are one of the most important commercial centres of the region and the image of passersby with hands full of bags, pointing to a window is a usual sight in the city. “El carrer de l’Església” (Church Street) has over 500 stores in just one kilometre. Brands such as Lacoste and Desigual coexist with shops and stores that have always been there and as a good destination for fashion-conscious people, we also have our own event.

Boutiques on the street are in fashion is a whole day exclusively dedicated to clothing and accessories. A great event with music, activities and catwalks to enjoy fashion with the five senses. During this event, the town’s businesses bring their products to the street while offering all types of discounts. The city becomes a great commercial showcase with activities and outdoor fashion shows in a festive atmosphere. It is the time when the people of Calella get inspired until the next season. Get a new look!

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