Dolccio Yaourt Marchand de Glaces

que faire a calella

Dolccio Yaourt Marchand de Glaces

Come by and you will find one of the best products around the Maresme: our frozen yogurt and our ice cream. Come to Calella and try our flagship gluten-free products made of high quality semi-skimmed milk. Enjoy our healthy products and have fun by adding all kinds of toppings you want: fresh fruit, chocolate...Create your own taste!

Frozen Yogurt, ice cream, ice cream cone, frozen yogurt with cereal, fruits, sauces, smoothies, frappes, crepes, waffles, slushies, frozen yogurt slushies, chocolate…

Services offerts par l'établissement

  • Sans gluten

Informations d’intérêt

  • Adresse: Església, 173 local 2
  • Téléphone: 93 769 77 03
  • Type d'établissement: Yaourt Marchand de Glaces
  • Cuisine: Take away haute qualité


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